Why Are Crawl Space Dehumidifiers So Expensive

Why Are Crawl Space Dehumidifiers So Expensive

Most, if not all, crawl spaces are usually damp, almost all the time. However, this shouldn’t be the case because moisture will ultimately destroy the area. Do not ignore this space. When water builds up, it will make the wood beams in this area to rot. The moisture also aids in eroding the metal structures here, not forgetting about the mold that breaks over the place. Moisture in this area is usually a lot and destructive.

Remember, most times; This moisture will not stick here. It will start moving up to other rooms in the house due to the stack effect. It will be passing through the walls and ultimately raising the humidity levels in the home. A dehumidifier will help mitigate these effects, but the issue comes with the cost. Crawl space dehumidifiers are quite costly relative to the typical house dehumidifiers. So, why is this the case? You are about to find out!

Why Are Crawl Space Dehumidifiers So Expensive?

For the scrawl spaces, you need a dehumidifier that is firm. Such dehumidifiers are small in size, but they are way more effective than the large ones. If the dehumidifier is compact, but it has absorbing capacity equal to that of a large one, you expect it to be expensive. It is quite hard to access crawl spaces; therefore, having reliable dehumidifiers is crucial. Also, such dehumidifiers need complex engineering tools and skills to operate. As such, you will find paying more to get a crawl space dehumidifier.

Reasons Why Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Cost More Than Other Dehumidifier

Below is an outline of why you will most likely pay a considerable amount for your crawl space dehumidifier

1. They Are Energy Efficient

As more moisture is there in the crawl space, so is the demand to do away with this moisture. Removing the moisture will take up much energy. Crawl spaces typically have dehumidifiers that preserve energy, making them costly.

2. They Are Durable

Most dehumidifiers that fit crawl spaces are usually high end, and they last for long.

3. They Usually Use a Rotary Compressor Construction

A rotary compressor is useful to ensure that the dehumidifier maximumly and effectively extracts moisture.  Crawl space dehumidifiers typically have this feature, making them expensive. Other compressors will have a reciprocating part that does not absorb as much water.

4. Their Warranty

The warranty given to crawl space dehumidifiers is usually long. Therefore you can have it repaired without necessarily having to replace it. Such dehumidifiers are ordinarily expensive.

5. The Air Filtration Feature

It is also another factor that makes them expensive. Typically most crawls space dehumidifiers will have more than one filter to filter out particles. They can entirely purify the air around besides dehumidifying it.

Features You May Look Out for When Buying a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

One of the main things that one looks for when buying a dehumidifier is the absorbing capacity. A large capacity dehumidifier should always be part of your priority. The auto-defrost feature is also crucial for it to effectively work well. Other than this, there are other features that you need to consider before purchasing a crawl space dehumidifier.

1. Shut-Off Feature

It is also a significant feature to look out for. The shut-off feature needs to be automatic so that if the water fills, it automatically turns off, avoiding overflowing. You can now empty the tank and place it back.

2. An Adjustable Humidistat

Before purchasing a crawl space dehumidifier, ensure it has a built-in humidistat. This feature enables customization of how the dehumidifier works. Say you set it to reach a relative humidity of about 60%. Once it gets here, the humidistat will not function any further.

3. A Proper Functioning Hygrometer

As you buy your dehumidifier, don’t forget to carry along a hygrometer. This feature is critical since you need to know the humidity levels in the atmosphere first before turning the dehumidifier on. A hygrometer will also evaluate how the dehumidifier performs.

4. A Purification System

Most dehumidifiers will come along with the air purification system. The system also has a removable filter. You best assure yourself that you will get good quality air in your crawl space. You will not only experience a good atmosphere here but also in the rooms above the crawl space. Remember, the air here rises due to the stacking process and enters the other rooms. Therefore, with filtering taking place, you get the comfortability you need even in the other rooms.

5. A Drainage System

The best drainage system for crawl spaces is that which continuously drains excess water. Most dehumidifier tanks in such a place will fill up quickly, which calls for frequent draining. Having a perfect drainage system will not necessarily require you to have a collection. Therefore as soon as water enters, it is immediately drained. The dehumidifier will release water to the drain near it using a hose. For perfect draining, the dehumidifier needs to be above the ground.

Using Dehumidifiers in Crawl Spaces

Installing and using a dehumidifier in crawl spaces is quite hectic. Hence the prices for them. One can use a drain hookup or a condensate pump. With a condensate pump, there will be automatic elimination of the condensate. Therefore you need not be there to dispose of it. If the drain connection to the ground is not feasible, use an A/C condensate pump. Below are more tips on using a dehumidifier in crawl spaces.

1. Begin by Removing All the Mold Around

Before installing the dehumidifier, you need to do away with all the mold in the area. Otherwise, do not expect the dehumidifier to do this for you. Its work is only to prevent it.

2. Ensure All Water Entry Areas Are Ready

If the dehumidifier water entry areas are not okay, it may not work well.  It will not be serving the purpose that it is intended.

3. Place the Dehumidifier in the Crawl Space

Once you are sure that it is functioning well and has done away with all the mold around, it’s time for the dehumidifier to serve its purpose. It will work correctly to keep the space dry.

4. Ensure You Place It at the Center of the Crawl Space

For effective performance and ensuring that it keeps the whole area dry, you should place the dehumidifier in the room’s middle. At this point, it will be able to absorb moisture from all the corners of the space effectively.

5. For Large Crawl Spaces, Use a Fan

Even though using a dehumidifier alone is a great option, you can achieve better results when you add in a fan.  You can add one or several small ones. Make sure they blow towards the dehumidifier. Once you do this, you will notice that the dehumidification process is perfect.

6. If the Crawl Space Has Standing Water, You Need Not Dehumidify It

In such a space, dehumidifying may not be possible. Therefore you need to solve the water entry problem before anything else.

7. Be Cautious of the Electrical Wiring in the Crawls Spaces

You know that crawl space dehumidifier, and you don’t want any of your coins to go to waste. Therefore, ensure that the electrical wiring is safe to deal with.

Is It Necessary to Have a Dehumidifier in Your Crawl Space Despite It Being Expensive?

An item being expensive should not be an issue unless you want to put your health at risk. Having a dehumidifier in your crawl space should be a necessity in every household. You know that excess moisture will be encouraging mold growth. It will also rise to the other rooms in the house, making the air uncomfortable to breathe. So, Absolutely yes! Save up and install a dehumidifier in the crawl space.

Can a Dehumidifier in the Crawl Space Correct the Leakage and Puddle Issue?

No! It is upon you to correct this issue before anything else. Before you try to minimize water in the atmosphere, there is no water leaking or any puddles around. Otherwise, you will be trying to do something, and the effect is still coming back. Ensure you know where the leakage is coming from and stop it.

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