Where to Put Humidifier in Bedroom

Where To Put Humidifier In Bedroom

Having a humidifier in your bedroom is an important aspect. Typically placing it in your house will help you a long way when it comes to your health. How it functions is by adding moisture into the atmosphere. This moisture helps to do away with dry air. In return, you can prevent an array of health issues such as dry skin, sinuses, respiratory problems, among others.

Having a humidifier is not an issue. But are you reaping the full benefits you should be getting? Is it solving the problems it should handle? You can have the humidifier on in your bedroom, and instead of making you enjoy the benefits, it is causing more harm. Proper placement of the humidifier in the bedroom is vital. One spends most of their time here. One of the things you need to consider is how close it should be to your bed. There are also precautions you should take when placing it there. This article extensively discusses this.

Where to Put Humidifier in Bedroom?

Where is the best place to have the humidifier in your bedroom? One cannot have an exact answer to this. But you can come up with the best place to have it by considering several things. First, always ensure the area will not cause any harm to you as you sleep. It should be close to you so that the air can reach you well and circulate properly. The distance shouldn’t also be so close because it can fall. The location also needs to be stable enough to support the humidifier without it tripling.

Things to Lookout for When Placing a Humidifier in the Bedroom

Don’t just place the humidifier anywhere! If you do, you will not only be wasting your money but also not benefitting from it. Ensure you take your time to identify the perfect spot to place it. In this section, you will learn about some aspects you need to consider before placing your humidifier.

1. The Humidity Level in the Bedroom

One cannot insist enough on how important it is to know the room’s humidity levels before placing the humidifier. As you invest in a humidifier, don’t forget to bring along a hygrometer. It will help you know the humidity in your bedroom. Most probably, you will realize that the level is higher in some parts of the room. Ensure you place the humidifier where the humidity levels are least. This way, you will have found the perfect spot to place the humidifier.

2. Number of People Sleeping in the Room

The number of people who sleep in the bedroom will also guide you on where to place it. The place you put the humidifier when more than two people are sleeping in the room can’t be the same when one person is there. The position you place it should ensure that there is proper moisture circulation to everyone in the room.

3. The Size of Your Bedroom

If the bedroom size is large, then place the humidifier to serve the whole house. A large humidifier will be good for a large bedroom. Unless otherwise, put it in the middle of the room to ensure efficient moisture circulation.

4. The Size of the Humidifier

Large humidifiers are perfect for large rooms. But you can also use them in a small space as long as you properly regulate the humidity levels. For this humidifier, place it more than 3 feet away from the bed. Putting it in the corner of the room will do you good.

5. The Type of Humidifier

The humidifier you are dealing with should also determine where you place it. Some humidifiers can cause hazards when you put them too close to your bed. Others need to be closer to the bed for you to feel what they are offering.

Placing Warm Mist Humidifiers and Cold Mist Humidifiers in the Bedroom

The performance of warm mist humidifiers and cold mist humidifiers is usually different. Since they work differently, each needs to be placed in a unique position to work well. In this section, you will learn where to place each of them.

1. Warm Mist Humidifier

So, as the name suggests, a warm mist humidifier releases warm water vapor in the atmosphere. That is what in turn becomes a mist. The whole process begins with heating water. If you have a cold, allergies or your throat is congested, this humidifier is best for you. However, it is dangerous. Therefore, you need to be cautious enough before placing it in the bedroom.

A warm mist humidifier should never be near your bed, especially if you plan to have it on throughout the night. Ensure it is a few feet away from you. Also, always place it on a nightstand or a table. It shouldn’t be on the ground and where you place it should be stable. This humidifier can easily cause burns.

2. Cool-Mist Humidifier

This humidifier is safer than the warm-mist humidifier. If you have kids, placing it in their bedroom will be less risky. Since they are safer, you can have them close to your bed without worrying about the hazards it can cause. It is also good if you are suffering from a cold or allergies.

You want to select the safest option for placing this humidifier. Even though you can have it close to you, putting it 3 feet away is better. The moisture it releases can destroy your beddings. Also, you need to ensure it is not so close to the wall or somewhat against it. For some cold-mist humidifiers to work well, they need to have a proper space. Therefore having it near the wall will prevent this.

Placement Tips for a Humidifier in the Bedroom

As said earlier, there is no perfect place to put the humidifier in the bedroom. To achieve the best place, you need to ensure that you take all the necessary placement precautions and tips. Here are a few more helpful tips for placing the humidifier in the bedroom.

1. Ensure It Is Several Feet From Your Bed

Especially if you are dealing with a warm mist humidifier, ensure it is a few feet where you sleep. Mostly it should be three or more feet away.

2. Place the Humidifier 2 Feet From the Ground

You can have the humidifier on your nightstand. Typically having it two feet from the ground Is a great option. It will assure that it prevents any hazards, and there is proper humidity circulation in the room.

3. Ensure It Is Away From the Window

Sunlight can damage the humidifier. You should ensure that it is not exposed to sunlight.

4. Place It in the Center of the Room

For humidity to circulate well throughout the room, it needs to be at the center. However, you can place it anywhere else in the room if you are looking at balancing the room’s humidity levels.

5. Do Not Place It on a Wooden Surface or That Which Moisture Can Damage

Choose a place that is water-resistant and place it there. Moisture can easily damage the wood. Therefore if your nightstand is made of wood, first place something on top of it then place the humidifier.

Is It Okay to Run the Humidifier in the Bedroom for 24 Hours?

Yes! You can have your humidifier in your bedroom for 24 hours. However, Some humidifiers will run for longer than this. All you need to do is ensure that the humidity levels are okay. Also, you need to ensure that you correctly place the humidifier. Ensure where it is, it will be able to circulate moisture well throughout the room.

What Will Happen if You Place the Humidifier on the Floor?

You can place the humidifier on the floor as long as the floor is stable and will support the humidifier well without falling. Even though placing it 2 feet from the floor is ideal it will also work well on the floor. As long as there are no obstructions, it will efficiently circulate humidity in the room.

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