Where to Place Humidifiers in the House

Where To Place Humidifier In House

A humidifier is essential in almost all households. It usually comes in handy during both the winter and summer seasons. Humidifiers not only make your living area comfortable and warm but also ensures you are healthy. It moisturizes the skin and provides you with enough moisture, eliminating flu and influenza diseases. As much as you can derive so many benefits from humidifiers, you can’t get them if you don’t use them correctly.

Proper usage includes placing them correctly. That is what this article will insight you about. It can be a challenge to select the best position to place your humidifier. Even more, it can turn difficult if you are not aware of how humidifiers work. If you don’t set the humidifier correctly, it may not perform. And if it does, it’s not giving its best. The harm improper placing may cause may also be greater than the goods. So, where should you place your humidifier to achieve great results?

Where to Place Humidifiers in the House?

One cannot give the perfect place to place a humidifier. The reason why it is hard is that the placing of one humidifier varies from another. Also, where to put it largely depends on what you are seeking to achieve. In a living room, placing it centrally in the house is the best option. This way, the moisture will circulate throughout the room.

Factors That Determine Where to Place a Humidifier

As mentioned earlier, the type of humidity will determine where you will place it. Different types of humidifiers have different sizes, and this affects their placement areas. Also, what strength does your humidifier have? Can it humidify the entire room well? Should you place it where you most likely spend your whole day? Or maybe in the room, you perceive it as dry. Here are some of the things you may need to consider.

1. The Type of Humidifier

As mentioned earlier, different humidifiers work differently. There is a great place you can put it to give you the results you need for each. For example, if you are using a warm mist humidifier, you can’t place it near your bed. It can endanger your health. If you are dealing with a central humidifier, putting it in a prominent place may be your only option.

2. The Purpose the Humidifier Seeks to Serve

What goal do you have for the humidifier? Do you want your baby to sleep better? Or you want to do away with your dry skin entirely. Maybe you want to ensure that your entire house has the right humidity at all times of the day. If you want your baby to get better sleep, then common sense dictates that it needs to be in the bedroom. If you know the purpose you wish the humidifier to serve, then proper positioning becomes easy.

3. The Size of the Humidifier

If you can move around with the humidifier, it means you can place it anywhere. Whether in the cabinets, table, or kitchen countertops. A bulky humidifier needs one exact place to position it.

4. The Size of Your House

If your house is big and you invest in a small humidifier, will it serve the purpose of humidifying your home? Not! A big or medium one will work correctly. Ensure you know your house size before purchasing one. But most times, a prominent and medium humidifier will work well no matter the size of your house.

5. The Functioning of the Humidifier

You need to understand how humidifiers work clearly. Different humidifiers work differently. For example, if you are dealing with a cool-mist humidifier, know that enough space is essential for it to work well. Therefore, putting it against the wall is a bad idea. There are others; however, that will do well if they are against the wall.

6. The Surrounding Environment

Where you place the humidifier should not obstruct the air outflow. Ensure the surrounding area is transparent so that air circulates throughout the house. Remember, humidity can damage some objects if they are too near the humidifier.

Tips on Where to Place the Humidifier in House

Correctly placing the humidifier ensures that the air circulates the room nicely. Proper placing also means that there is no harm posed to your house tools or your health. Some, such as steam humidifiers, usually get hot a lot. Therefore, it is wise to place such out of children’s reach. Below are other tips on where to place your humidifier.

1. If You Are Placing It in the Living Room, Look for a Central Place

Centrally placing the humidifier ensures that there is proper air circularization. It will evenly distribute to all parts of the room. Most times, if you are dealing with a small humidifier and your living room Is large, a central place will work well.

2. Always Ensure That the Humidifier Is 2 Feet From the Ground

How many times have you accidentally stepped on an object on the floor? Probably many times! Placing a humidifier 2 feet from the ground will prevent such an accident. Also, air will adequately circulate in the room when on a higher basis.

3. Close the Doors and Windows When the Humidifier Is On

It is not more about where or how to place it, but rather what to do to function better. Closing the doors and windows will improve the functioning of the humidity. It will not need to work against the air that enters from outside. However, if you have to keep the window and door open, ensure the humidifier is away.

4. Place It 14 to 17 Feet Away From the Walls

Placing a humidifier away from the wall will ensure that air circulates properly in the room. It will also protect the walls from damage due to moisture emitted.

5. In the Bedroom, Ensure It Is 3 Feet Away From Your Bed

Humidifiers produce some noises as they run. Placing it at such a distance will ensure no disturbances from the noises. Also, if it is too near the bed, the moisture it emits can damage the bedding.

What Places Should You Avoid Placing a Humidifier?

1. The Same Room Where the Air Purifier Is Running

Well, this is a big no! The room you place your humidifier should not be the same as that you place the air purifier. Even though sometimes running them together is excellent, mainly due to climate issues. The impact it poses is much higher. Running both of them will make the mist transfer to the filter of the cleaner. The moisture coming from the fog will join together with the dirt particle in the filter. As a result, fungi and mould may grow there, especially if one doesn’t regularly filter it. If you have to place them in the same room, ensure they are on the opposite sides. The distance between them needs to be more than 10 feet.

2. Do Not Place It Near the Windows

Placing the humidifier in such a place will reduce its efficiency. Outside air is ordinarily dry than that the humidifier produces. Consequently, the humidifier will read a lower humidity than is the case. Hence, it won’t force us to find a way of increasing the humidity levels, which is not necessary!

Which Is the Best Place to Put the Humidifier in the Baby’s Room?

There is no significant difference between how you place the humidifier in your room and the baby’s room. It needs not to be close to the bed since the moisture will damage the beddings. Remember, children like touching things. Therefore, ensure it is in a place that they can’t reach. Also, the bed’s distance should be far such that the humidifier noise does not disturb them.

Where Should I Place a Warm Mist Humidifier?

Warm mist humidifiers function by first boiling water, which then emits as air to the surrounding. The fact that it first needs boiled water requires extra carefulness. You can’t get it close to you and head on to sleep. If you want it to run throughout the night, ensure it is away from the bed. Choose a stable surface and place it there, even in the living rooms.

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