How to Recharge a Dehumidifier

How to Recharge a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will bring you the comfort that you need. And like any other device, something can go wrong with it. Typically a dehumidifier is a device that takes in air from the atmosphere still with water vapor inside it. It will then filter the air and release it back in the form of dry air. Other dehumidifiers will emit cold water and cool air; this will reach the atmosphere as mist. The mist will mix up with water vapor in the air. That is what helps decrease humidity levels.

Typically dehumidifiers are of different designs. Recharging them is necessary as it is one way to maintain them, especially those that use coolants and refrigerants. Such dehumidifiers mostly focus on both cooling and dehumidifying. Therefore, if your dehumidifier does not cool the atmosphere naturally, most probably it lacks a coolant or a refrigerant. If it has and fails to perform well, then you will need to recharge it.

How to Recharge a Dehumidifier?

Recharging a dehumidifier in the past was super easy, and you could do it all by yourself. You could do this using dehumidifier recharging tools. Such were readily available in almost all hardware. Currently, recharging one by yourself is close to impossible. The kits contain dangerous chemicals that require professional use. Therefore, even though recharging is possible, it requires a professional to carry out the process.

The Procedure to Follow When Recharging a Dehumidifier

Recharging a dehumidifier is possible. But nowadays you need a professional to do that for you mainly because the procedure is quite dangerous. It is also worth noting that not all dehumidifiers are rechargeable. Therefore before passing it through the process, ensure you understand its model and whether you can recharge it. Ensure you also know whether the dehumidifier will need a coolant or a refrigerant. Once you determine this, you can look for a reputable HVAC agency to recharge it. Below is the procedure for recharging a dehumidifier.

Step 1: Getting the Recharging Kit

Of course, one cannot recharge a dehumidifier without this kit. As mentioned earlier, these kits are not available in the hardware stores because of their dangerous chemicals. That’s why you need to take it to the HVAC company. Depending on the type of dehumidifier, this will determine the kind of kit to use.

Step 2: Inspect the Gas in the Kit

The recharging kit typically contains gases such as R-22, among others. Ensure that this can contain the gas conforms with the compressor.

Step 3: Open the Dehumidifier

To do this, first, disconnect the dehumidifier from power. Then look for the right tool that will open it. Remove all the bolts at the same time, ensuring that you identify where each bolt belongs. After this, remove the upper part. The instructions manual for the dehumidifier will guide you in this.

Step 4: Connect the Compressor to the Dehumidifier

Opening the dehumidifier will be easy if you closely follow the instructions manual on how to do it. After opening it, it’s time to connect it with the dehumidifier. Remove the compressor and adequately connect it to the dehumidifier. Ensure there is a proper alignment between the dehumidifier and the compressor. Once you do this, you will feel the recharging process taking place.

Step 5: Stop the Process

The charging process will take a few minutes to complete. You will notice gas moving from the can to the compressor. Most probably, the time this process will take will be indicated on the can. Once the process is complete, click the stop button.

Step 6: Remove the Can and Return the Bold in the Dehumidifier

After the recharging process is complete, withdraw the can from the dehumidifier. The last step should be to bolt up the dehumidifier. Ensure you return all the bolts at the specific place you got them from. Also, take as minimal time as possible, ensuring that all the parts are intact and don’t open others. If you have to open it, ensure you have a mask on.

Closely following this process makes it easy for one to recharge the humidifier. The person doing this should also ensure that they are careful. Having the right gears when recharging is also a safety precaution.

The Type of Dehumidifiers That One Can Recharge

Even though recharging dehumidifiers is expected, not all humidifiers can undergo this process. Ensure you understand the type you are dealing with before taking it through the process. The main types of dehumidifiers that one can recharge are condensate and Desiccant. Let’s see how one can recharge them.

1. Condensate Dehumidifier

Most times, such a dehumidifier will need recharging after using it for a long time. However, one should not hesitate to recharge it if they notice a default in its performance. The charging process will most times be part of device troubleshooting. You can term this dehumidifier as a refrigerant dehumidifier.

If at any point, this dehumidifier does not collect excess moisture from the atmosphere as is usually the case, this calls for checking the part that performs the cooling. You can also check this part if it stops functioning completely. If such happens, then look for an HVAC agency. They will do the recharging process for you. Remember, the process requires specialized care, and it’s close to impossible to find the tools to carry out the process yourself.

2. Desiccant Dehumidifier

Recharging this kind of dehumidifier is pretty straightforward, mostly if they use silica gel to perform. For desiccants to work, they employ the absorption technique. This method is best, especially when the humidity levels in a place are high. They will work well during the winter season.

Most desiccant dehumidifiers use color beads. When charging it, the beads will turn from orange to green. During the process, connect the dehumidifier to a wall outlet and wait for about 8 to 10 hours. By doing this, you will be heating the device with mild heat. The heat will dry the silica desiccant. When dry, it will be able to absorb moisture.

Things to Lookout for Before Recharging a Dehumidifier

Recharging the dehumidifier is necessary if it is unable to remove the required moisture in the atmosphere. Also, you can do this if it stops functioning completely. Other than this, other factors will alert you that the dehumidifier is not working well.

1. Ensure You Check on the Functioning of the Motor

The motor is a crucial part of a dehumidifier. If it is not working well, then this calls for recharging. You may notice that it is not starting. In some cases, it may be making noise. It also shows that you need to recharge it.

2. Check the Fan

The fan may stop functioning due to dust. Check whether it is rotating and whether it is pulling in air. When such activities are not taking place, go ahead and recharge them.

3. Determine the Amount of Humidity in the Atmosphere

When the humidity levels are extreme, you need to reduce them by dehumidifying. Keep on measuring the levels when the dehumidifier is on. If the levels aren’t changing, that’s an indication that the dehumidifier is not working well.

What Should You Do When You Can’t Recharge Your Dehumidifier?

Some dehumidifiers cannot be recharged. So, what do you do with it? Dehumidifiers can malfunction; will you stay with them like that? Absolutely no! If it isn’t working well, start by performing regular maintenance. Clean the coils inside, which helps run the dehumidifier. Also, ensure you tighten the screws that hold the fan so that it stays in place. You also need to check the internal compressor and ensure it is in a perfect state.

What Can You Do to Avoid Recharging the Dehumidifier?

If you want to escape the charging part, you need to ensure you use it properly. A dehumidifier can last for five years or even more. If you use the dehumidifier well, you do not need to recharge it. Also, having a good quality dehumidifier will ensure you escape the recharging costs. Eco-friendly dehumidifiers also do not require frequent recharging.

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