How Long Do Whole House Humidifiers Last

How Long Do Whole House Humidifiers Last

Whole house humidifiers are something worth investing in this year. It will come in handy on a cold day. During this time, the air around is usually dry. An excellent method to keep your skin moist is by using such a humidifier. Unlike other humidifiers, you install it to the cooling and heating system when using a whole-house humidifier. It will release humidity into the air in the form of water vapor.

There are many things that one needs to take into consideration before purchasing a whole house humidifier. The top priority being the length of time you will use it. Your value for money needs to be in check. Meaning, the humidifier needs to work perfectly well for a long time. You don’t have to get here and there repairs because of its default. This article talks more about the life length of a whole-house humidifier.

How Long Do Whole House Humidifiers Last?

A whole-house humidifier can last from 3 years and above. Mostly, it will have an average life span of 10 years. Its lifespan is higher than other humidifiers. Like all other humidifiers, if you want a whole-house humidifier to last longer, proper care is essential. From how you handle it, to cleaning it, to correctly placing it, these are some of the things that will improve the lasting of this humidifier.

Benefits of Using a Whole House Humidifier

Humidifiers are rewarding in many ways. So does having a whole-house humidifier. One significant benefit you will derive from it is how long it can last you. If you properly take care of it. You are sure you will go for a considerable amount of time without necessarily investing in another one. Let’s look at what a whole-house humidifier will do for you.

1. It Provides Comfort

A whole-house humidifier releases moisture in the air—dry air results in infections like asthma and other allergy reactions. A whole-house humidifier will help eliminate this. You also protect yourself from shocks emanating from static electricity.

2. You Will Be Able to Save on Energy

When running a thermostat in your home, the temperature will rise. But does this make you warm? Absolutely no! That’s why you need to install a whole-house humidifier. It will release warm vapor, keeping you warm. By regulating the humidity to the right levels, you will be saving so much energy.

3. It Protects Your Things in Your House From Damage

When the air is dry, it can damage a lot in your house, from wood floors to furniture, electronics, and paints. Having a whole-house humidifier running will help reach most of these items and moisturize them. It’s not only you who needs the humidifier but also things in the house. A whole-house humidifier will protect your house staff from the effects that dry air brings.

4. It Helps to Protect Your Health

When the humidity is low, it creates space for viruses to grow. As such, you are most likely to catch flu, colds, and other ailments, especially those related to respiration. If your environment is over dry, you will be calling for infections. Having a whole-house humidifier will reduce the incidence of getting these infections.

5. Eliminates Static Issue

Dry air usually causes shocks due to static. The static issue is common in most households. You can eliminate this by using a whole-house humidifier. It will make the air less dry, therefore reducing the shock incidences.

6. Maintaining Equipment Will Be Little

There are different types of humidifiers. If your space is small, you need a single-room humidifier or a portable one. However, if your room is big, it will require you to use a number of them. Setting them up can be quite expensive. You will end up using so much time, electricity, and water, which is not necessary. When using a whole-house humidifier, it has a direct connection to the water supply. It is then able to circulate humidity to the whole house.

How to Clean a Whole House Humidifier for It to Last Long?

The care you take on your whole house humidifier is what will determine how long it will last. The better the care, the longer the lasting period. Taking care of it, more or less, must involve cleaning it. A humidifier is prone to collect dust and other particles from the environment. Therefore, you need to regularly clean it if you want it to serve you for a long time. Below are steps you can follow when cleaning a whole house humidifier.

Step 1: Switch the Power Off

Switching the power off not only applies to a humidifier but also other electrical equipment. Water is a big enemy of electrical power. The last thing one can wish for is getting an electrical shock in taking care of the humidifier. Once this step goes well, you can now proceed without fear.

Step 2: Dismantle the Humidifier

Remove the removable parts of the humidifier. This way, you will be simplifying your cleaning work.

Step 3: Clean the Reservoir

If the reservoir still has water in it, empty it. Then fill it with water at about 2/3 of it. There may be some microbes in the water reservoir. Therefore, you need to add in some chlorine bleach. It will entirely clean them out. Once you add the chlorine bleach, ensure it thoroughly mixes with water. In case there is any scale building up, ensure you remove it.

Step 4: Clean the Water Panel

Cleaning a water panel should be done regularly. Replacing it should also be regular. Ensure you replace it once per year. You will find components such as a water pad, filter, and evaporator pad. Clean them also as you clean the water panel—Start by soaking them for about 20 minutes. Finish by rinsing and wiping them dry. For the filter, you can replace it with a new one.

Step 5: Clean the Outer Part of the Humidifier

Mineral deposits are common contaminants on the outer part of the humidifier, especially after heating. You need to remove the mineral deposits. To do this, dip a clean piece of cloth in a vinegar solution. It will do magic in removing the residues.

Step 6: Put Back the Removable Parts

Once you finish cleaning all the parts of the humidifier, it’s time to re-assemble them. Ensure the parts dry well. Also, make sure the pieces are intact such that no leakage once the humidifier starts working.

Other Ways of Improving the Lifespan of Whole House Humidifiers

Proper cleaning is one way you can keep a whole house humidifier functional for a long time. Here are different ways to expand their life span.

1. Changing the Water Filters Regularly

A whole-house humidifier is a type of evaporative humidifier. The filter in it usually blocks minerals. Hence the need to change it regularly.

2. Give the Humidifier a Break

Continuously using the humidifier will slowly kill its lifespan. Give the humidifier some breathing space!

3. Avoid Using Tap Water

Tap water contains minerals, which can significantly affect how the humidifier operates. Always use distilled or demineralized water for it to last long.

4. Ensure You Properly Operate It

Proper knowledge of how to run a whole-house humidifier will make it last longer. It usually comes with a manual that directs how to use it. Ensure you follow that. If it’s a challenge, ask an expert to control you.

When Is the Suitable Time to Replace a Whole House Humidifier?

In short, when it starts, malfunctioning! When it reaches a point where the humidifier is not releasing humidity as it should, then do your due diligence. You will also notice that its functioning will start to deteriorate when it is nearing the end of its lifespan. It is the time when you should consider investing in a new one.

Is a Whole House Humidifier the Right Choice for You, Even if It Is Long-Lasting?

Yes! Apart from a whole-house humidifier having the advantage of lasting long, it can still give one other ton of benefits. It seems excellent if you are dealing with ample space and need air to circulate all around it. Also, it is cheap, from its installation cost to the energy it uses. It is, therefore, definitely a big plus!

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