Can You Run Humidifier Before Going to Bed

Can You Run Humidifier Before Going to Bed

Nobody wants to wake up feeling all dry from the face, lips, and the rest of the body parts. It will mainly be the case during the summer and winter seasons. Both dry and humid air could stem allergies to people. The solution to this is by use of a humidifier. As the name suggests, a humidifier will help humidify the air in your place if it is too dry. It works by dispersing water into the dry environment hence moisturizing it. The mist that subsequently forms differs depending on the humidifier one uses. It can either be cool or warm.

Most probably, you have had the thought of putting on a humidifier before you go to sleep. Well, it may be the right decision. There is no harm in trying it. However, you need to be aware of if it is suitable for your body. All in all, it is great to keep your body moisturized throughout the night. Also, despite a humidifier being good, one needs to choose one correctly. There are some humidifiers that you can’t keep on during the night in the baby’s room.

Can You Run Humidifier Before Going to Bed?

Yes. There is no harm in running a humidifier before going to bed as long as you have a clear understanding of how your body and home reacts. For example, snoring signifies that you are experiencing difficulties breathing through the nose. Therefore, getting a humidifier can rectify the situation. It all starts by understanding your body. Once you do this, be ready to have a nice sleep, and you will wake up feeling fresh.

Benefits of Running a Humidifier Before Going to Bed

As mentioned above, it is perfectly okay to run a humidifier before you head to sleep. And one can derive tons of benefits from this. In this section, you will get insights into some benefits that you will get for doing this. Read on.

1. Offers Better Sleep

Maybe some nights you find yourself snoring. Mostly snoring is not a sickness but rather a condition emanating from breathing dry air. As one breathes dry air, the throat dries up, and this results in snoring. Snoring is a bother, not only to those close to you but also to you. Running a humidifier before sleep will moisturize the air around you. Consequently, your throat gets moisturized too. Just like that, you reduce the snoring chances and get a peaceful sleep.

2. Reduces Chances of Getting Flu, Cough, or Congestion

If you are suffering from such frequently, it’s the best time to invest in a humidifier. Dry air makes mucus to clog in your system, hence making it hard to expel it. Since a humidifier produces moisture, it will throw it out; therefore, dismissing it will be easy. Removing the mucus also gets rid of germs that cause such diseases. Ensure you do proper research before selecting the humidifier to use in such cases.

3. Ensures That There Is Proper Humidity in the room

Right humidity levels are essential for you to have a beautiful and peaceful sleep. Most times, the correct levels vary between 30% to 50%. If the levels go beyond this, then the moisture in your body will not quickly evaporate, resulting in high temperatures. High humidity also attracts mold growth, posing a greater risk to your health.

4. Helps Prevent Dry Skin

Dry air ultimately results in dry skin. When the skin dries, it starts to wrinkle out and even crack. You may try to use lotion to lessen the effect, but it may not be of much help. Having the right moisture levels in the air will come through for you. It will help the skin retain moisture. If you have itchy skin, having a humidifier on will help reduce this.

5. Provides a Cozier Sleeping Environment

A warm and cozy sleeping environment is excellent. But how about you run a humidifier on before sleeping? It will give you perfect sleeping conditions. A humidifier may not necessarily raise the temperature in your room. It will increase the humidity making the sleeping environment much warmer. A humidifier will save you the cost of heating your room. But the main benefit you derive from this is a comfortable sleeping space.

Which Humidifiers Can You Use?

There are many different humidifiers. Each humidifier works differently, but they aim at one objective. Thus, ensuring that there is adequate moisture in your home. Choosing one can be tricky. You can, however, make this easy by helping you understand what your needs are. Below are some humidifiers you can run.

1. Central Humidifier

This humidifier is expensive, actually ranks as the most costly. Typically one will have it built into the central heating system of their home. It is the same place also where the air conditioning unit is. Even though it is expensive, it will improve your entire home’s humidity levels rather than a specific room.

2. Ultrasonic Humidifier

It comes in different sizes and has both cool and warm mist options. Moreover, ultrasonic vibrations aid mist production.

3. Evaporators

It is quite an affordable humidifier. It blows air using a fan that passes through a moistened filter. Evaporators can have issues if they release so much moisture in the air.

4. Impeller Humidifier

They use rotating disks to release moisture into the air. The humidity reaches the air as a cool mist. Thus, running this humidifier before sleep is a great option, especially if you have children around. The vapor it releases is relaxed, making it child friendly. However, overusing it may cause allergic reactions and asthma.

5. Steam Vaporizer

If you are looking for a cheap humidifier option, this is it. It is also easy to carry around. For it to work, water goes through heating. It then stays to cool before releasing into the air.

Precautions to Take When Running a Humidifier Before Bed

One derives so many benefits of running the humidifier before night. However, some risks emanate from it. Such hazards include your allergy flaring up, especially if there are no filters in the humidifier to filter out minerals. Also, the water tank can dry up during your sleep. So, is it possible to run it every day before bedtime? Yes, you can run it as frequently as possible. However, ensure you take the following precautions for best performance.

1. Clean and Let in Some Air to Your Humidifier During the Day

Cleaning the humidifier is essential for great results. Ensure that after cleaning, you dry it properly and air it. It will ensure that mold doesn’t grow in it.

2. Ensure the Water in the Humidifier Is Clean

If the water in it is unclean, then it will attract mold and germs into it. Consequently, it will result in impure air.

3. Ensure You Use Distilled Water in the Humidifier

If your humidifier lacks a filter, always use distilled water. If yours has a filter and ends up using mineral water, ensure you clean the humidifier well.

4. Always Maintain the Right Humidity

If the humidity is somewhat too high or too low, it might affect your health. Ensure you maintain a humidity level of 30 to 50%. A hygrometer will help you in adjusting the levels.

5. Ensure the Placing of the Humidifier Is Right

Always ensure that you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know the right place to place the humidifier. The most general rule, however, regarding this is putting it in a stable and high position.

How Close to Bed Should I Place a Humidifier?

It is best to place it some distance away from your bed. Even though a humidifier may not harm the things close to it, having it a distance away ensures the proper circularization of moisture throughout the bedroom. Humidifiers also produce a specific sound while in operation. You don’t want such sounds to wake you up. Placing it away is, therefore, a good option.

Is It Safe to Run the Humidifier All Night?

One will derive so many benefits by running the humidifier all night. It ensures the mouth, skin, and throat stay moistened. However, for it to work effectively, ensure the humidity level is about 30%. If this level is not in range, then it slashes off the benefits one can derive from it. Also, proper maintenance is crucial for it to stay throughout the night.

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