Can Humidifiers Damage Electronics

Can Humidifiers Damage Electronics

The evolution of the world has seen the need to use electronics for convenience. Laptops, computers, mobile phones, television, you can never lack one if not all in almost every household. Electronics are part of our everyday life. If they aren’t there then, you can bet right your convenience is at stake. These electronics are great but at the same time very delicate. They require special care, and a slight mistake can damage them.

Humidity and temperature are some of the things that can damage these machines. But in this article, you will know how humidity affects electronics. Is it okay to put your device in the same room as your humidifier? What damage can it cause? During winter, one wants their home to be comfortable by having their humidifier to ON state. But will this mean you place the electronics in a different room to prevent them from damaging? This article regarding humidifiers and electronics will give you insight into this.

Can Humidifiers Damage Electronics?

Most probably not! Running a humidifier in your room will not harm your electronics. What can cause damage is the levels of humidity. If they are too low or very high, that’s where the damage can occur. Instant changes in environmental conditions such as humidity will ultimately affect these devices. Electronic devices are super sensitive to extreme moisture. One may not see the impact humidity causes in them instantly. But be sure the high or low humidity is on the verge of damaging your devices.

Effect 0f Humidity on Electronic Devices

Excessively high or very low humidity is what, in most cases, will damage your electronic device. Significant damage to the electronics will mostly occur when the humidity is high. If there are any contaminants that entered the devices before, they will partner with the moisture, therefore intensifying the destruction that it causes. In this part, you will learn about the impact humidity will pose on your devices.

1. The Device Will Corrode

Corrosion is among the main effects of humidity. It mainly occurs due to high humidity. Moisture will be getting into the inner parts of the devices or even out, causing this. The corrosion will develop into rust. It can, therefore, impact the inside parts of the electronics by making them lose conductivity.

Consequently, the device will start malfunctioning, resulting in short-circuiting. The effect does not end there because short-circuiting is one factor that destroys the device components. It can lead to loss of data from the device.

2. It May Cause Electronics to Overheat

There is a close yet direct relationship between humidity and heat. Most electronic devices, such as computers, have internal fans that circulate air within them. It ensures that the machines don’t overheat. Remember, there are multiple elements in such devices that produce heat. The temperature in your home needs to be lower than the device’s internal temperature. If this is not the case, then the internal fan will not be able to cool efficiently. It will damage the electronics as a result.

3. Condensation May Occur

High humidity produces extreme moisture in the air. As a result, this will create a light coat on the device’s surface. This coating can cause short-circuiting therefore leading to loss of data. Not only this, but it will also cause physical damage to the machine.

4. Static Electricity

This effect mainly occurs when the levels of humidity are deficient. It easily damages electronic devices. Static electricity will mostly happen when there is no balance in electrical charges. It affects the semiconductor components of electronic devices, which include diodes, transistors, and microchips. Static electricity does not easily affect electric appliances such as TVs and washing machines. Mainly because the elements in them are not hypersensitive, static electricity will lead to electrical short circuits.

5. Physical Damage

Physical damage must be on the effect of high humidity. Mainly because of corrosion that occurs on the equipment. One can quickly tell this because of the rust coating visible on a device. It will form when air and moisture come into contact.

6. One Will Incur High Machine Repairing Costs

Too high or very low humidity will ultimately damage your device.  You can bet right that the cost of repairing electronic equipment is usually high. Some damage may be so intense that repairing is not an option.

Ways of Protecting Electronic Devices From Damage From Humidity

Any harm that humidity causes to your devices can mitigate. One significant way to protect your devices from the effects of high or low humidity is by ensuring the humidity levels are right. Starting with this, you will learn other various ways to minimize or even completely prevent the effect of moisture. Read on.

1. Ensure the Humidity Levels Are About 30 to 6o %

It is usually the ideal humidity levels that one should maintain. They are generally not too high nor too low. At this level, you are sure that you will not be suffering, and at the same time, your equipment will be doing good. Such a level also increases the performance of the electronic device. It will also reduce the effect that Electrostatic Discharge causes on your device. Other than this, it will reduce the static electricity in your room.

2. Use a Suction Fan

If the humidity conditions are high, installing a suction fan will reduce this risk. It will mostly help devices that operate in an area where moisture is trapped inside. A suction fan will suck the air out of this trap. Moreover, it helps in reducing the humidity levels, therefore preventing damage to the equipment.

3. Placing a Silica Gel

In a place where the temperature ranges are below 60 degrees, placing a silica gel will be great. It will help in absorbing moisture in such an environment. One can set the silica gel inside a circuit board in an electronic device. But this requires technical knowledge.

4. Heating Elements

Another great way to solve moisture problems is by using heating elements. It mainly works well for embedded systems laced in an enclosure. In such a place, you can work with a humidity and temperature sensor together with a heating element will do you good because you will know when to adjust the temperatures. The heating elements do away with water droplets.

5. Ensuring You Understand the Humidity Levels in Your Home

This understanding is fundamental. You can’t just use a humidifier blindly without understanding its levels. If it’s hard for you to understand this, then use a hygrometer.

Tips to Placing a Humidifier to Protect Your Devices

Proper placing of your humidifier is essential. You may blindly heat the air, but this may not be of many benefits if you don’t properly place the humidifier. Here are a few tips to consider when setting a humidifier.

  • Ensure the humidifier is far from the electronic devices. The more it is close, the more the device absorbs the moisture. It will cause an electric failure or corroding.
  • Check the humidity levels in your room.
  • If you place the humidifier ensure, it is 2ft from the ground. It assures that the humidification is excellent for the entire room.
  • Place the humidifier away from the window. It also ensures proper room humidification.
  • Check the Power Supply Unit of the electronic device to see if humidity can affect it.

Which Devices Are More Sensitive to Humidity?

Devices that are prone to electrostatics are the most sensitive to humidity. The electrostatic mainly affects devices with components such as CPU, circuit boards, and transistors. These components are susceptible to moisture. Therefore these devices may include computers, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and many more. When humidity air and dust come into contact with these devices’ components, they become sensitive and therefore fail.

Can You Reduce the Effect of Humidity on a Device by Placing a Conformal Coating?

Yes! It is the easiest way to protect your device from moisture. Typically, the coating needs to cover the outer copper part of your device. The layer needs to be porous to preserve the environment perfectly. It also needs to be cured completely. One negative effect of this is that if one needs to remove the components, you need to eliminate the coating.

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