Best Humidifier For Hard Water in 2020

Best Humidifier For Hard Water

It is known that the humidifiers are filled with water to keep the air moist. So now because the water leaves a brownish fine dust which can damage your humidifier in the longer run, it is important to address this matter seriously.

Hard water contains mineral content which builds up bacteria and disperse it into the air causing health problems. Since it is next to impossible using a humidifier without water, you need a humidifier designed for hard water which is healthy for body.

With this guide, you will be able to pick the best product without any white deposit in the cleaning tray or section. This guide is extremely helpful as we have picked up some of the best humidifiers for hard water prevailing in the market currently.

So as you know, TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers wins the debate owing to its features. It comes with mistless technology and fragrance dispenser so to know more, read this buying guide in detail. Here you go!

Best Humidifier For Hard Water

Rank Name Ratings Price Water tank Auto shut off Coverage area Discount Link

TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers

4.5/5 $ 1.45 gallon 450 sq ft

AIRCARE Trim Whole House Console Evaporative Humidifier

3.8/5 $$ 5.4 gallon 3700 sq ft

Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier

3.7/5 $$ 2.4 gallon 540 sq ft

BONECO – Digital Steam Humidifier S450

3.3/5 $$$ 3.5 gallon 860 sq ft

Kubicle Vornado All New Ultrasonic Humidifier

3.1/5 $$ 1 gallon 600 sq ft

No.1 TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers


  • Warm mode is disabled in sleep mode for safety reasons
  • Creates silent environment
  • Works up to 45 hours in one fill


  • The material is cheap plastic, could be better
  • The warm mist function is not up to the mark

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Taotronics is an excellent brand when you talk about humidifiers. This product lets you enjoy life to the fullest as it enhances the air quality of the area it is placed. By adding moisture to the air, you don’t feel any discomfort such as skin dryness, eye dryness and congestion. Moreover, Taotronics humidifier is much awaited given its feature of providing fresh and healthy air.

Talking about the temperature levels, it is equipped with 3 levels to use in different temperatures of winter. Plus, there are 3 mist strengths as well so you have the option to choose the perfect humidification. Other features include cool mist to warm mist, bottom fill to top fill, and easy refill. When it’s about refilling, make sure not to add any type of oil or essential oil to the water tank.

Place this humidifier in your bedroom or any large area to enjoy the benefits. Wait, are you concerned about the noise? For your information, this humidifier moisturizes the air under 35db i.e. the lower noise level to ensure you get your power nap without any disturbance or sleep sound at night peacefully. This top fill unit is designed with a wide opening and detachable tank for spill free refill. With a capacity of 5.5 litres, it works up to 45 hours. So personalize the settings and have a comfortable night.

No.2 AIRCARE Trim Whole House Console Evaporative Humidifier


  • 4 gallon water tank
  • Prevents flu and allergies
  • Protects furniture and wood flooring


  • No mist level or temperature setting for winters
  • Throws out a lot of moisture to cover a big area
  • Very loud

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AIRCARE brings this evaporative humidifier to make your home heaven. It covers the whole house up to 3700 square feet and works excellently as it moves dry air through a wick. With an easy to fill 5.4 gallon water tank, it goes a long way. Moreover, this humidifier is capable of maintaining nice humidity level between 30-50% in your home or office.

A research shows that it helps in preventing allergies and flu keeping you healthy and fresh. You don’t have to worry about itchy throat, dry skin and dry air around as this product nurtures well being. Moreover, it takes care of wood floors and protects furniture items as well. Feel good and moisturized in your home as this product is not like those cheap humidifiers which dry up the air. Also, the humidity level is maintained well allowing you to lower down the thermostat setting thus saving money.

Set the desired humidity level on the analog control panel. What’s more, it shuts off automatically when the humidity level is reached or it is empty. If you are looking for a humidifier that reduces static electricity, this one is a right choice as it vanishes off static shocks.

No.3 Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier


  • Comes with fragrance dispenser
  • Mistless technology
  • Does not displace mineral deposits
  • Automatic shut off


  • Not suitable for large rooms

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Brought to you from the house of Stadler, this mistless humidifier is designed and engineered by Swiss engineers. Since the air around tends to dry in cold months, it is suggested using a humidifier that keeps the air healthy and not dry. As you may know, dry air further leads to itchy throat, eye irritation and dryness, nose bleeding, nasal congestion, allergy, cold, cough, and other health problems. However, this product is a nice addition as it naturally lends hydrating atmosphere to your space.

Oskar is easy to refill with a water can and able to accommodate 2.4 gallons of water a day. Place it wherever you want like on the floor, desk, tabletop or else. The unique feature of this humidifier is that you can use essential oil in its hidden compartment to create a nice aromatic environment around. If you want to feel relaxed or fresh, use your favourite essential oil and enjoy.

It uses two antibacterial wicks which makes it one of its kinds. Moreover, the technology used in this humidifier prevents it from displacing mineral deposits from the tap water in your home. With low fan noise, Oskar improves your sleep and also the aromatic scent in the bedroom or any area it is placed has rejuvenating benefits. Talking about the mistless feature, it renews your skin as it acts as an air moisturizer. Moreover, the design is stylish and modern that upgrades the décor and looks beautiful.

No.4 BONECO – Digital Steam Humidifier S450


  • Digital display
  • Automatic on/off timer
  • Cleaning mode for decalcification
  • Comes with a fragrance container


  • The water tank doesn’t seal tightly
  • Way too expensive

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Boneco is a trusted Swiss company for more than 50 years and has been manufacturing amazing humidifiers since then. To enjoy years of hassle free operation, Boneco is a right pick. It is an ideal device to achieve a healthy environment, why? It is because the hand warm steam output works in accordance to provide a safe atmosphere for children as well.

As the unit heats the water that further eliminates bacteria retaining the minerals in the unit, you will get healthy humidification. Isn’t it great? Featuring auto mode and econ mode, it is perfect for ecological operation. There’s this integrated hygrostat feature to regulate the output in order to get desired humidity automatically. Moreover, you can choose the switch on and off times.

About cleaning, it’s anti mineral pad and the decalcification mode works well in cleaning up. Also, you will get maintenance reminder, intelligent operation modes, programmable hygrostat, water refill reminder, and 2 anti mineral pads. To ensure sound and peaceful sleep, it comes with an auto dimmer that dims the light at night. .

No.5 Kubicle Vornado All New Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • 3 fan settings
  • Uses Vortex action to circulate air throughout the room
  • Comes with LED lights and push button controls


  • According to the features, it is expensive

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Last on the list is Kubicle Vornado ultrasonic humidifier. This one is a great addition in the room for comfortable and humidified living space. It pulls harsh dry air using the deep pitch blades through the unit and then circulates the humidified air throughout. This whole mechanism offers uniform humidification for the spaces up to 600 sq ft.

As it uses Vortex circulation, you will get healthy air around as the ultrasonic technology converts water into a fine mist. With its push button controls with LED lights, you can easily make changes to the settings and confirm them without any doubt. Plus, it has 3 fan settings i.e. low, high and auto for humidity control. To reduce mineral buildup, there is a mineral cartridge which softens the water delivering great results.

Things to Consider before Buying a Humidifier for Hard Water

Here are a few important concerns to address before investing your money in any humidifier for hard water:


Of course, you don’t need a piece of loud monster disturbing you the whole night while sleeping, do you? Make sure to check if the humidifier is made with noiseless technology so you can have your nap peacefully.

Auto shut off

Consider the one with auto shut off feature. To avoid the risk of humidifier wearing off, go for auto shut off. Since the water tank or reservoir needs refilling frequently, an auto shut off feature will prevent you from checking the water level and shuts off automatically instead.

Water tank indicator

It is kind of a must have feature as already talked above. Look for a humidifier indicating you when to fill the water tank when water runs out. As you know, the humidifiers have a set capacity of a few gallons of water which when finished needs to be refilled, it is best to have a water tank indicator.

Fragrance dispenser

Although this is not a very important factor, yet you can consider if you love scents. To create a more relaxing and calming environment around you, it is good to have a product with a fragrance dispenser. This dispenser is there to add essential oil for soothing effects.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is the most important part of any humidifier as it is crucial for the maintenance. To avoid bacteria from entering your home atmosphere, cleaning holds much significance. Whichever humidifier you buy, make sure to check if the water tank is easy to clean with a wide mouth so you can reach inside properly.


The humidifiers serve a larger area so it should be considered where to keep it. If you want to use the humidifier for a child’s room, go for a cool mist variety as they are safe with children around.

Night light settings

Having an auto dimmer or night light settings are helpful at night to provide a nice sleeping environment. While some of the humidifiers keep illuminating disturbing your sleep the whole night. It would be better if you get this feature so you can turn the lights off.


Coming to the conclusion, it can be rightly said that TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers fulfils most of the criteria list suggested above. It has almost all the features a humidifier must possess like auto shut off, fragrance dispenser, mistless, easy to fill water tank with water can or a pitcher, and silent technology. Although it is pricey as compared to Taotronics, the features are better to own.

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