Best 30 Pint Humidifier in 2020

Best 30 Pint Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers work by reducing the humidity in a room. By reducing the level of moisture in the room, we can restrict the level of mold, mildew and prevent water damage. The use of dehumidifiers prevents bad odor in your spaces and helps in protecting possessions like clothes, electronics, tools, and furniture from damage. Since the size of rooms and the level of dampness in a room vary, different capacities of humidifiers are needed for different spaces.

With this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide to pick the most suitable dehumidifier for your rooms/spaces, based on the features and technology. As you know, Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier wins this debate owing to its advanced technology and amazing features. To know more about the details and features of this dehumidifier, read the buying guide in detail.

Best 30 Pint Humidifier

Rank Name Ratings Price Water tank Auto-shutoff Continuous Drain option Discount Link

Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated

4.8/5 $ 1 gallon

Up to 1500 sq. ft

TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pint Dehumidifier

4.6/5 $ 1 gallon

Up to 1500 sq. ft

hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

4.6/5 $ 0.8 gallon

Up to 1500 sq. ft

Inofia 30 Pint Compact Electric Dehumidifier

4.4/5 $ 0.475 gallon

Up to 1000 sq. ft

Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

3.9/5 $ 0.95 gallons

Up to 1500 sq. ft

No.1 Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated


  • Energy-star certified -Effectively absorbs moisture with minimal energy consumption
  • Minimal sound while in use
  • Robust turbo fan mode
  • Sleek and clean design and look
  • Easy maintenance
  • Portable
  • Auto shut off


  • Some machines complain of noise

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This Vremi Energy-star certified 1500 sq. ft dehumidifier removes 22 pints (30 Pint 2012 DOE Standard) of humidity from the air. It requires minimal energy consumption and is fit for medium to large spaces. The appliance has a chic and smart look which is perfect for modern homes. The portable wheels ensure that you can move the dehumidifier from one room to the other. The Vremi device is equipped with an auto shut off feature which automatically pauses the working to prevent overflowing. There is a water level window that enables you to check the level of water in the appliance’s bucket and a gravity-led hose draining outlet for continuous draining.

You can now breathe easy and rest well while your Vermi dehumidifier will clean the air to remove excess moisture as well as dust mites, mildew, and mold from the air, thus acting as a boon for people suffering from allergies and respiratory ailments. The dehumidifiers function efficiently in spaces as large as 1500 sq. feet. The device has an easy to clean the filter which can be cleaned once a month and is portable and easy to maintain. Do you suddenly find a surge I the moisture levels at home? Worry not, as Vremi features a Turbo mode that increases fan speed from Normal Air CFM 129 (cubic feet per minute) to High Air CFM 138 for maximum moisture removal and odor reduction.

A tip for new users- When it is first turned on, it will default into “Continuous Mode” which will not allow changes in the humidity level. So turn off the “Continuous Mode” to change the humidity level normally.

No.2 TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pint Dehumidifier


  • Energy saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Power outage restart
  • Swivel handle and spill-resistant baffles of the drain bucket to prevent spillage
  • Drain hose provision


  • A plastic body prone to cracks
  • Leakage issue in some devices

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TOSOT dehumidifiers are designed with a high level of precision to soundlessly remove up to 30 pints (2012 DOE Standard) and provide your family with a safe moisture-free environment to breathe and live well. These humidifiers have 20 years of research and designing behind them such that they function optimally to remove excess humidity from 1500 sq. ft spaces like rooms, or spaces with excess humidity levels like bathrooms, or laundry rooms. TOSOT is an energy star rated appliance that takes care of the environment while saving huge bucks in your pocket.

The device has a washable air filter and is ideal to function as a basement dehumidifier, protecting your home essentials and accessories from spoilage. In case the appliance stops working abruptly due to storm or power cut, it restores to its previous settings once functional. All TOSOT dehumidifiers are UL-approved and are completely safe for your home. When functioning continuously, the drain bucket needs to be drained every 5 hours and does not spill owing to the swivel handle and spill-resistant baffles. If you have a garden or a surface drainage provision, you can also bypass the bucket and directly connect the dehumidifier to a ? inch garden hose for continuous drainage.

No.3 hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier


  • Energy-star certified
  • Clean sleek look
  • soundless
  • portable features
  • touch panel control with 6 different settings
  • issues a beep sound when fills up


  • Small water container
  • No automatic shut off

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The hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier removes 22 pints (30 pint 2012 DOE standard) of moisture from the air per day and is fit for small to medium-sized rooms. This energy-efficient device is also money-saving and has been designed keeping in mind the modern-day living. The design is appealing with clean lines and a sleek interface. hOmelabs is a portable appliance that can be wheeled to the desired destination. It can run continuously for 24-hours before the tank is full, thereafter it shuts off automatically to avoid leakage problems. There is also a continuous hose drainage facility where you can install a 5/8” garden hose with an internally threaded end.

The hOme humidifier has six-different settings so that you can adjust the setting as per the moisture level in the air. An ideal moisture level prevents the breeding of germs and mold, allergens, and dust mites in the air, thus giving relief from sneezing and respiratory ailments. To maximize the removal of excess humidity and odor reduction, the appliance’s Turbo mode increases fan speed from Normal Air CFM 129 (cubic feet per minute) to High Air CFM 138. Clean your filter once a month and wipe the water tank once in two weeks to ensure its longevity.

No.4 Inofia 30 Pint Compact Electric Dehumidifier


  • Noise-free
  • User-friendly operations
  • Sleek design
  • Auto-restart
  • Auto-defrost


  • Water leaking issues
  • Some machines do not function optimally

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Inofia brings to you an efficient and powerful dehumidifier that can noiselessly remove 30 pint of extra moisture from basements and small to medium rooms of size 1000 sq. ft. This dehumidifier is perfectly designed for contemporary living with a stylish appearance and digital LCD screen that displays all controls for seamless operation. The air filter easily slides out to clean and the auto-defrost feature enables the machine to run even at low temperatures, making the device well-suited for modern-day living.

This is an intelligent machine with a built-in humidistat that senses your room’s humidity accurately and smartly controls the dehumidification levels, setting the humidity level from 30% to 80% RH in increments of 5%.

You can adjust the fan speed when you need quick dehumidifying and the auto-defrost keeps melting the ice from the coils leaving no extra chores for you. The water tank automatically shuts off when it becomes full and you can empty the bucket by removing the 3.8-pint water. If you have a provision for continuous drainage, you could attach the 6.56 ft hose, included in the package.

Inofia is an energy-saving device with a 24hr timer where the device automatically turns off after the preset time of 1-24hr is reached, thus being operational only when needed.

No.5 Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control


  • Energy certified
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Full tank alert indication
  • Soundless
  • Digital control
  • 24 hr on/off timer


  • Short life span
  • Noisy in continuous mode

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This energy saver dehumidifier from Frigidaire removes extra humidity from your home, protecting the air from mold, dust mites, and allergens. This device is operational at low temperatures conserving the power and being cost-effective in your pocket. The ergonomic design includes castor wheels, side handles, and a top handle for easy handling and shifting. The humidity control option allows you to control the level of humidity in your spaces.

The ready-to-select controls with touch control buttons and a control-lock option make Frigidaire a hassle-free device to operate and manage. The unit automatically shuts off when the water tank is full and gives you an indication for the same. The water tank is conveniently placed at the front for easy removal and emptying. You can also set up a continuous drainage hose if you have a surface or garden provision for draining the excess water. Moreover, you can control your appliance to operate at temperatures as low as 41°F and is designed to have a 24-hr on/off timer.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 30-Pint Dehumidifier

Here are a few important factors to consider while buying a 30-pint dehumidifier:


?Your dehumidifier is installed right in your room or working area where too much of noise can be distracting and will disrupt normal activities. The appliance should function noiselessly while you are taking your nap.

Auto shutoff

An auto-shutoff feature is a boon and you should always go in for a dehumidifier with this option. It saves the hassle of continuously checking the water level or dealing with overflowing issues. No cleaning up of messy overflowing water.

Water tank indicator

Your dehumidifier should have a water level indicator so that you know when the water runs out and can fill it for reuse. This will ensure that the appliance also runs efficiently.

Moisture cleaning capacity

This is the most important factor and you should always check reviews and ask already existing customers to check the humidity extracting capacity of your dehumidifier. A robust machine that cleans your environment well is essential for protecting your home essentials and will keep you free of respiratory ailments.

Ease of cleaning

The dehumidifier should have an air filter that is easy to clean, as well as the water tank, that can be cleaned in a hassle-free manner. A clean device operates optimally in removing dust and allergens from your atmosphere.

Memory option

A dehumidifier with an auto restart memory option is another factor you should consider while buying the device. In case of a power cut when your machine shuts down abruptly due to storm or other factors, if will be a great relief if the dehumidifier restarts automatically when power resumes.


We have a clear winner. The Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier is the most efficient, easy-to-use, and energy-saving soundless device. The device has no leaking issues and has an Auto defrost and Power outage restart option. This dehumidifier is a little pricey compared to the TOSOT and the hOmelabs appliances but is a robust and durable machine that sucks out excess moisture efficiently from your spaces. The Vremi is definitely our pick as this machine will noiselessly draw all the excess moisture, dust, and allergens from the air and keep your home safe and healthy.

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